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My runescape name is Indecent Act, I have been playing actively since early 2005. I don't play as much as I used to, but I still log in a few times a week to keep in touch with friends and check out new content. I live in Australia and have been been programming on and off since 1985. I specialized in custom built applications and networking tools. Nowadays I just dabble with a few .Net languages and play around with server side code for this site.

How this site came into existence was completely by accident. I had no real aim or goals when creating this site and basically it was just a space for me to play around with web design. My hiscores page was merely created for my own personal use, I wanted a simplified hiscores page that displayed plenty of content on a single screen. I wanted to see levels beyond 99, I wanted to be able to track my progress across all skills, xp and ranks. I wanted an alog that shows all skills, levels, and xp. I wanted colour indicators when comparing two players. Basically I wanted more than what the official hiscores gives. The official hiscores look great and I'm not suggesting they are inadequate, it's just I simply wanted more thus these hiscores were created.

It took me around 2 hours to make my first hiscores page that showed your levels and those ranked around you. The few friends I showed it to returned time and time again to look up players. It seemed I wasn't the only one who wanted more from the hiscores. After some encouragement (mostly from my sister) I posted a link on HLF, and wow I was stunned with the positive feedback. So many words of encouragement and many thanks from the maxed players. I immediately began to make some improvements based on player feedback and to this day I'm still making changes and improvements. The HLF community is simply awesome when it comes to supporting practical ideas and projects.

So that's how these hiscores started and it's still early days. I have plans for improvements and I'm sure the players who use this site have plenty more suggestions for me too.

These hiscores are created and inspired by those who play the game.
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