Indy's RuneScape Mini High Scores
Using the Tracker
Using the XP/Rank tracker is pretty straight forward. The best way to learn how it works is to use it.

For example, look up your stats then click start tracking

Next time you search your name, assuming you've earned some xp and the runescape hiscores have updated,

you'll see three links in place of the 'Start Tacking' link.

'View Tracking Stats' link will give a breakdown of the xp earned across all skills

plus show all ranks gained or lost, and show the time tracking began and also how much time has passed.

'Reset Tracking' means you'll continue to track xp and ranks but will start from scratch.

Also the date and time will be reset to the moment you clicked the reset link.

'Stop Tracking' link does exactly what you'd expect. When this is clicked the default 'Start tracking' link displays.

So if you've ever wondered how much xp you get in each skill from doing a dungeoneering floor then this will show you.

Or do a farm run, all trees + herbs and then check the xp earned, it's often a pleasant surprise. A farm run earns me xp in

agility, summoning, woodcutting, magic, firemaking, farming, hunter (if i see a impling worth catching), and more.

You can reset weekly, monthly, whenever you like, and the tracking stats are only viewable to you.

If you delete cookies regularly then you'll lose your progress, that's exactly what the 'Stop Tracking' link does, if you're worried

about that they can be backed up easily, a quick google will show how its done, I might add instructions here in future.

I hope you find this feature handy.

Tracking Preview (image)